Who Benefits from Maintenance Innovation Spindles by Courtsara?

The U.S. patented and Canada pending customization devised by Courtsara Truck Maintenance Innovations has a wide array of applications in the real world, by a vast number of companies and operations. The Military, Local governments at the City, County, and State levels, Electrical line maintenance crews, Logging companies, Open Pit Mining companies, Maintenance Contractors, Drill Rig Trucks, Mud Boggers, Dump and Snow Plow Trucks, and many more. All of these organizations can benefit from the reduced maintenance time and costs, increased serviceability, the increased mechanic safety and productivity, and the increased reliability of the trucks that have had these customizations performed on them.   This is an investment in your company that will turn expenditures into additional profits!

Real Advantages

Courtsara has developed a unique and patented customization of the front spindles of the Meritor MX120 front axles.  It's not limited to Meritor.  We also do Fabco and Marmon Herrington as well as others.  Technology has been the same for over 70 years until now.  Our customization enables a mechanic to pack the wheel bearings and grease the axle bushing all at the same time and in 10 minutes instead of 16 hours that the job took doing it the old way.

Ease of Maintenance: Converts a 16 hour job to 10 minutes and can be done every oil change or weekly.  Way above manufacturers recommendations.  More and better servicing increases longevity. 

Less Down Time:  Because you are greasing more than manufacturers recommend, your trucks are breaking down less so your able to get more utilization of your equipment.  These front axles failed a lot in the spindle area. 

Lower Cost Per Mile:  Every Fleet Purchasing Agent chooses which trucks to replace by the cost per mile.  The front driven steer axle is one big expenditure that most companies budget for every year as the cost of doing business.  When the cost per mile gets too high, usually when the truck is around 10 years old, the truck gets slated for replacement.  Imagine if you could get another 5 years out of your trucks because of a lower cost per mile.  That's an average savings of 200k to 250k per truck.  Do the math on that!!  Then ad in the fact that you don't need that repair expenditure added into your yearly budget.  This is money that can be used for something else or made into profit!!

Mechanic Safety:  Mechanics are hard to find and when you get a good one you want to have them as long as you can.  With the use of our spindles you can increase the longevity and productivity of your mechanics.  They won't have to lift a #200lb. tire or a #90lb. brake drum.  This reduces exposure to hand, back, and foot injuries.  They also don't have to clean the parts for reassembly which reduces exposure to toxic chemicals.  Spraying cleaners with ingredients like Tulene or Acetone, to name a couple exposes your whole shop to toxic, air bound, chemicals.

Mechanic Productivity:  Because mechanics are hard to find, the ones you have that are good can be better utilized doing intricate and large jobs.  It doesn't take more than a service person that can pump grease to service this axle.  However it does take an experienced mechanic to take apart a front axle and set up bearing tolerances.  Now you can have less experienced mechanics doing this service to give them time for the more experienced to train them.  Like an apprentice. 

Better Shop Space Utilization:  Now your not tying up premium shop space for a week with a truck waiting on parts or for 2 days for labor!