Who Needs This Product?

The patent pending modification devised by Courtsara has a wide array of applications in the real world, by a vast number of companies and operations. The Military, Local governments at the City, County, and State levels, Electrical line maintenance crews, Logging companies, Open Pit Mining companies, Maintenance Contractors, Drill Rig Trucks, Mud Boggers, Dump and Snow Plow Trucks, and many more. All of these organizations can benefit from the reduced maintenance time and costs, increased serviceability, the decreased mechanic safety risk involved, increased mechanic productivity, and the increased reliability of the trucks that have had these modifications performed on them. 

Courtsara: Maintenance Reducing Spindle Modifications

If you have a large truck with a Meritor 4WD system, you have likely encountered problems with lubrication in the spindle bushing/axle and hub area of the 120, 140, and 160 models.  All but the 140 require removal of the brake drum and tire. The 140 has a fitting on the end of the hub, but you have to risk cutting the seal slipping a screwdriver (or something like it) through the axle seal and pump grease until it purges out past the seal. The 160 is the most convenient with a grease fitting inside the brake drum.  Neither Meritor, Marmon-Herrington, nor Fabco can pack the hub bearings other than the old fashioned way.  Lack of serviceability can result in costly repairs, often costing $3500 to $7200 in parts alone, plus labor and downtime.

There had to be a better way, and we found it.

Courtsara has developed a modification (patent-pending in the US and Canada) to the spindles that saves countless hours of work by allowing your mechanics to pack the hub bearings and grease the axle bushing in a matter of minutes. This can be done every time you service the truck.  The benefits from such a modification are immediately apparent to anyone who has ever done this work procedure the old way in the past.

Reduces Service Downtime

Downtime is a killer for your bottom line and your profit margin. In industries where margins are slim to begin with.  You require all your employees and machines to be running at peak efficiency throughout the shift.   Having a truck down for days in order to grease it not only brings that truck out of use for another team, but it can also eat up a garage bay in case something major goes wrong with another truck. By getting the trucks in and out of the garage with a regular service instead of major break downs, You will get more truck availability and not miss a beat.


By increasing the serviceability of a job like this, and reducing the amount of technical knowledge needed for it, you can reduce the number of mechanics needed to work on a truck at any one time.  Mechanics now simply need to locate the grease fitting, and hand pump the grease into the spindle assembly until the grease begins to come out of the pressure relief fitting. No more wrenches, or specific tools necessary, just a mechanic and a grease gun, and this part of your service is done in a few minutes.


No more removing 200 pound tires or 90 pound brake drums. Doing lots of work with your hands in confined spaces with metal is a situation in which injuries are bound to happen.  Back, hand and foot injuries are a workman compensation nightmare.  By removing the need to get into the guts of each spindle and axle to perform routine maintenance, you're removing nearly all the risk to bodily injury from of your mechanics. They also wont have to be in solvent tanks and handling toxic sprays.  This is a manager's dream come true, to reduce the cost, time, and danger associated with this maintenance.