Who Needs This Product?

The patent pending modification devised by Courtsara has a wide array of applications in the real world, by a vast number of companies and operations. The Military, Local governments at the City, County, and State levels, Electrical line maintenance crews, Logging companies, Open Pit Mining companies, Maintenance Contractors, Drill Rig Trucks, Mud Boggers, Dump Trucks, and many more. All of these organizations can benefit from the reduced maintenance time, increased serviceability, the decreased safety risk involved, and the increased reliability of the trucks that have had these modifications performed on them. 



I am a two-time ASE Certified Master Mechanic, a Master in both cars/trucks and heavy trucks, with 18 certifications total. I have been doing this type of work for over 40 years. I have worked in the mining industry for at least 30 years as a first class mechanic. With that kind of experience, you learn to work outside the box. Anything I do is done right or it isn't done at all.
- Mike

Our Shop

Let our fully stocked machine shop handle your modification needs. Your spindles will be shipped to our shop, modified, labled right and left, serial numbered, and shipped back. Right now, due to the amount of unexpected volume, you can expect a 2-week lead time. We will be putting more people on and having overnight service available as we go on in the future.